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Exist in photos. I can't say this enough. Don't wait til you lose 15 pounds. Don't wait. You will never be as young as you are today. Studies have shown that children feel connected to their families when they have family portraits in their home. In an age of digital disconnect, isn't that so important? To feel as though you belong? My dream is to provide you with family portraits that become heirlooms and are treasured for years to come. You aren't being photographed for just you — but for future generations. Do you have images of your grandparents that you treasure? One day that will be your grandchildren's legacy — photos of you! Don't wait. 

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Shelli Craig Photography specializes in Headshot Portrait Photography in Greensboro, NC at the historic Revolution Mill studios. Shelli is a mom of 8 and loves coffee, puppy breath, babies and especially photographing Headshots!

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