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The Women of the 2019 Secret Project

I am so passionate in my conviction that boudoir is for everyone. We are all so beautiful in our individuality and it is my hope that this project empowers all women to embrace their individual beauty.  The women in this project, ranging from mid-twenties to mid sixties and from size 0-26 can be described (but not defined) by the following words:  Lawyer, Burlesque Dancer, Transgender, Sex Educator, Breast Cancer Survivor, Survivor of Sexual Assault, Grandmother, Divorcee, Student, Peace Corp Volunteer, Non Binary, Polyamorist, Martial Artist, Soccer Coach, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Bartender, and Mom.  They are all beautiful.  So are you.


About me

My name is Melissa and I have a passion for empowering women of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies through boudoir photography. I have an entire decade of experience helping women truly believe in their unique beauty and I believe everyone is beautiful.


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