Bring Back the Good Old Days

Alanna's Story

The Good Old Days

Way back in 2009, I started my journey as a vacation rental owner on (the platform formerly known as) VRBO.

Landing bookings was a breeze. I didn’t have to worry about syncing calendars...because I only had one calendar. Guest expectations were fairly basic, and they often paid me directly—by check.

In other words, I was living in “the good old days.” Maybe you remember them, too.

Fast forward 10+ years and the market has changed drastically. No longer a hobby, running a successful vacation rental practically requires an MBA.

We’re now in the strange position of having to make more decisions than ever, while the Airbnbs and Expedias of the world have input on everything from what we charge per night, to how we communicate with our potential guests and stock our homes.

But it's not all bad. It's totally possible to make the OTAs work for you.

Your Rental is a Sandcastle

Say your rental is a sandcastle, and the Airbnbs and Expedias of the world are the rising tide.

You can stand at the shoreline and try to stop the tide by sheer force of will. 

Or you can gather the driftwood and seashells the tide brings in and use them to add stability to your sandcastle. (Airbnb and Expedia have undeniable marketing power, and as a result, more people trust vacation rentals than ever before.)

Or you can build your sandcastle back from the shoreline. Let the tide come in, because you’re untouchable.

In truth, a great vacation rental strategy combines all three of the above. You should stay vocal and advocate for our industry. You should take what’s good about OTAs to make your business stronger. And you should also do your own marketing so you’d survive if they folded tomorrow.

Here’s what I’ve done, after a decade in the biz, to move my sandcastle:

  • I have multiple social media sites
  • I have my own website for booking guests direct
  • I have channel management built-in and all of my accounts sync to my website 
  • I am driving my own traffic (so far this year, I’ve booked 14 weeks through my website and it's only April!)
  • I’ve learned the art of streamlining my workflow (adding channel management along with my new autoresponders shaved off about 3 hours a week from my vacation rental workflow!)
  • I’ve spent countless hours of my life learning how to do the above. I wouldn’t wish that kind of steep learning curve on anyone!

VR Mastered to the Rescue!

That’s why Tyann Marcink, and I are back at it again with our fourth VR Mastered Vacation Rental Bootcamp — an immersive weekend of boutique vacation rental education to help you weather whatever the next decade brings.

You’ll learn how to do everything on my list above and lots, lots more. Plus meet some amazing teachers and friends, and have some fun while you’re at it.

5 Industry Professionals

Join me with a team of industry professionals, my VR Mastered Co-Founder Tyann Marcink, along with industry thought leaders Jessica Vozel, Nancy McAleer, and Conrad O’Connell. You will accomplish more and walk away with concrete action plans and processes that you can immediately implement to max the potential and automate your vacation rental business.

Hurry for the Early Bird Discount

Get in on the early bird pricing. 

Bring a friend and save more

This is a great investment that will give you a fantastic return for years to come, for the price of a 1-week booking, it’s well worth it! Bring a friend and save even more!

Colleen Kilpatrick, Red Maple Retreat

"I attended with the goals of shortening my learning curve in a new industry and ensuring a strong start for my budding business.

"No question, those goals were met.

"I would highly recommend boot camp for any host, new or seasoned, who wants to create some serious momentum in their vacation rental business."

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Reserve your spot today. Book online. Instantly.

Agenda info, and registration at

PS: Your entire trip may be tax deductible… contact your accountant!

See you there!
Alanna Schroeder

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