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HOLIDAY MINIS at Hugh Macrae Park on Saturday, November 18th. YAY! Holiday Sessions are $250. And you can use that two ways... As a credit towards any products (essentially a gift card) OR 5 digital images and a 4x6 print. Choice is yours! Are you interested in Holiday Minis?! Check out my inspiration for Holiday minis above. Please call 910.632.0750 or email for any questions. Book your mini-session by clicking on the 'book & schedule' button below.

(Image is from last years Holiday Minis). Props will be different this year.

Holiday Minis - Saturday, November 18th 2017

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No sessions fee. Holiday Minis are $250. used as a product credit OR towards 5 digital images and a 4x6 print. Product collections and/or al la carte products are available for purchase. 

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About the Photographer

I am an introvert, I am an artist, I am an army brat! Most days I’m a hot mess mama.

It’s my personal mission capture you, to make you feel beautiful, to make you have the self esteem and confidence to get your portraits taken with your family. Because you see, as a women, I am one of the “strange” ones. I’ve always considered myself beautiful. I am not telling you this to make you feel bad about yourself. Because, you see, A LOT of women feel the exact opposite as the way I feel.  I am here to lift you up, to make you look at yourself the way your children do, with the utmost appreciation and love. Do you want to look back 40 years from now and realize you don’t have a single photo of yourself with your beautiful family? I didn’t think so. So what are you waiting for... lets do this!

A Selection of My Work

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Products & Gifts

Product collections will be available, as well as, al la carte options. Call 910.632.0750 for more info. There will be a variety of printing, digital and gifts options.


Holiday MINIS 2017

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Lesley Veronika Photography has been proudly serving the Wilmington area for  6 years.