What To Bring

Clothing ||  Glasses  || Accessories

LOCATION: BROADWAY APPLIANCE & HOME CENTER 1601 Broadway Ave. || Mattoon, IL 61938 || 217-962-0048


Please wear one of your favorite shirts that you feel great wearing! ... Wrinkle AND lint free. Form-fitting is best not skin tight. Solid colors work best and plaids are the worst. Make sure your shirt fits and you feel good in it. Avoid neon colors and busy patterns.

Pants & Shoes

Please wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Headshots are generally from the chest up.

Glasses or Contacts

If your wear both, please bring your glasses however, I suggest wearing the contacts for your headshots. Your eyes should take center stage. If your glasses are not anti-glare, you can have the lenses removed just for the session. Not a requirement though.


I highly recommend teeth whitening if you are a smoker, coffee or tea drinker.


Think simple when it comes to accessories. One nice piece is all that's needed. You want your face and expression to be the attention grabber. I do not recommend hats for a headshot session.

Facial Hair

Men: Trimmed up nice and neat or clean shaven... Whatever makes you look the best and feels right for you and the job you are going to obtain. Ear, uni-brow, and nose hair should be trimmed.  (unless that's your style) You want to look your very best!

Ladies: Trim up any hair on the lip, between the brows,  clean up brows to open your eyes, and any peach-fuzz on your jawline.


Nude bras (one that match your skin tone) are the best because they will not show up underneath your shirt. Black, white, and colors will show through.


This is all about you on your best day so, I highly suggest you to go light with your makeup. Nothing too dramatic. A simple gloss for the lips, mascara, and blush. Unless you wear them everyday, I do not recommend false eyelashes.

Professional Hair & Makeup:

If you would desire a polished look, I highly recommend calling Merle Norman at 217-234-4277 or Haley Watkins at Sapphire Salon 217-235-1800.


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