Roadtrip the PNW Olympic Peninsula with me!

[ sold out ] October 1st-October 6th, 2018

Yup. That is right. We are taking Reverie on wheels for 4 nights in the best way possible! AROUND THE OLYMPIC PENINSULA, WASHINGTON STATE with Black Forest Westfalias of Seattle! This is not a formal workshop, this is for photographers that need that adventure, inspiration and a soul REVIVAL. The idea of this trip is for ANY level of photographer to take advantage of letting all "rules" go and shoot for fun, feed off one another, dance around the campfire and star gaze with a new friend.. most importantly, share an adventure with other like minded individuals during a trip that you will never forget. We will document real life moments, true emotions and get portraits taken of ourselves at these amazing stops we make. Not that I don't love styled shoots at workshops/shoot outs (as I will continue to do so) but so many times I've been like, "I wish that was of me!" Now, here is our chance to have this.

 Stop right now and Instagram these 'places': Ruby Beach, Rialto Beach Trail,  Quinault Rainforest, Hurricane Ridge, Marymere Falls,  Sol Duc Falls and La Push Beaches!!

In love yet? 

Full participation will be required, meaning, to always have camera out and ready to document and share all edited images with group. There will be a book made at the end as a keepsake of all the images! This is truly a combination of everything that encompasses a creative human.  You can not give 100% to your work if your soul is not filled with a reason. Connecting with humans and nature is essential to growth in all avenues of our lives. 

There are VERY specific details regarding this Reverie Revival, so please continue to read below if you are truly interested in attending. 

Let's Connect!

Let's get up early and watch the sunrise - or stay up too late to stargaze!!

The first night after you make it into Seattle, we will hang out in a shared Airbnb with a private chef to teach us how to make margaritas and eat some soul enriching food. Then TRY to catch some zzzz's and shower that night before you wakeup like Christmas morning on the 2nd. We will head to pick up our Vanagons, it is there that we will need to get everyone cleared to be a driver. Then load up  and head out on an incredible coastal road trip around the Olympic National Park.  

A typical day should be spent with frequent stops at breathtaking locations..hopping out, stretching legs, running down to the beach or HIKE into a spot! Pairing off or group shooting one person at the right spot will be determined! Driving, shooting, hiking into sunset is expected by the time we reach campground we are ready to eat, clean our feet and wind down! 

I want to put this in here - that this Photographers Revival is not intended for everyone. There will be 3 to a van (option of tent camping is available for one) and the vans will be packed with snacks/camp food. The intention is to really seek your own soul. Have others speak goodness into you and ravel in all the glory surrounding you. 

I would love to have a Skype conversation with you before booking, as this is a very intimate setting and it will be the beginning of an incredible friendship. As mentioned above, full participation is required with documenting and sharing edits. This is an all female adventure  - sleeping arrangements will be made beforehand so that you know your van-mates and are comfortable. 

What is Included?

[ sold out ] 

As these Westfalias are so incredibly maintained and follow all state laws and regulations, there is a hefty cost on renting one that includes taxes, insurance and security deposits. The revival fee will include your spot to sleep in the van, the food that will be stocked in vans, park entrance fees, ferry ride and all campsite fees will be included as well as gas.. Plus, the first night and last night Airbnb in Ocean Shores with private chef on first night!  Adventure, scenic views and everlasting friendships are also included! ..OH and professional images. 

- What is not included?

Airfare is not included. Airport would be Seattle and arrival at Airbnb is 5pm. If at anytime we stop to dine out or go to shops, these are your private purchases as well. 

- How much for a lifetime experience you ask?

The deposit is $500 with 3 more scheduled payments of $500 due by September 1st equalling $2,000 total. A Skype conversation with me must happen before requesting deposit invoice. 


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Why Reverie Revival?

When I have done 1:1 mentorships or hosted workshops, I walk away with memories of an incredible experience, amazing people and some good photographs. All while learning to be a better person and photographer. This is what I am piling together for "Reverie - Where are We?" Where are you in life, in adventure, in business? Some of us are exactly where we want to be, some of us are unsure and some are not there..I do not think there is a better way to get where we want to be than experiencing human connection and nature as God intended. Together.  

Seeing end results of each photographers take on this adventure is what I am most excited about. Learning and sharing with each other, community over competition style. 

Let these days of adventure overfill your soul by learning and growing from each other. We all shoot different, learn differently and want different outcomes - negative vibes are not allowed! I am really seeking open photographers to share this journey with! 

There will be a packing list and suggestions to bring. Remember, 3 to a van so space is limited.

WE LOVE BLACK FOREST! #proudpartner

There is just no better vehicle for traveling and exploring the wilds of this region. Vanagon Westfalias are compact, nimble, aesthetic campers that park and drive more like a single cab Toyota pickup than an RV, but can sleep 4 adults and sport a fully functioning, propane-powered kitchenette. Though nearly perfect right off the assembly line, we've poured every ounce of off-road and family camping experience into making these adventure mobiles even better. All of our vans are lifted and re-powered with Ford Zetec DOHC engines. Bigger wheels and AT tread stretch their off-piste capacity, and each are equipped with auxiliary batteries and upgraded, 3-window canvas tents, correcting the few shortcomings of the stock design. With better gas mileage (20-24 MPG), vastly superior engine performance and beefed up suspension, the region's best wild camping spots are yours to discover.

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Road Trip Olympic Peninsula!

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Reverie Revival with Peace Vans!

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