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Posting Toolkit:  Greater Toronto Area

Resources and Services for 
Military Families Posted to the GTA

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the military family community of the Greater Toronto Area, and the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre.  We're excited to get to know you and your family!

This Posting Toolkit provides resources intended to inform and support Military Families when they are unable to connect with a team member at the TMFRC.

The name or title of each resource is a clickable link that will take you to more information about that resource.The name or title of each resource is a clickable link that will take you to more information about that resource.  

We encourage families to reach out to us to learn more about the unique programs and services being offered virtually by the TMFRC, including information and referral, mental health services and supports, family separation and reunion supports and much more.  

If we do not provide the type of service that you are looking for, we will help you to navigate the services and supports available in your community.  

Please be in touch with us today!

Living in Ontario

TMFRC Community Engagement Coordinator:  Joanne O'Connor, 

Government Services and Supports in Ontario - Find services to help military families get settled in Ontario.

Government of Ontario Assistance Hotline: 1-888-333-8545 (OUTCAN:  416-850-0320)

Housing and Physical Environment

CF One Card - Rewards, discounts and services for CAF members and their families.


Storage Facilities

Access Storage - $50 off with CF One Card

PODS Storage - Discount with CF One Card

Public Storage - 10% Discount with CF One Card


Toronto:  Hydro One  416-542-8000

Brampton:  Alectra Corporation  905-840-6300

Mississauga:  Alectra Corporation  905-273-9050

Oakville:  Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.  905-825-9400

Oshawa:  Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation  905-723-4623

Pickering/Ajax:  Veridian Connection  905-427-9870

Uxbridge:  Veridian Connection  905-862-2810

Whitby:  Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation  905-668-5878

Health & Wellness

Health / Mental Health Emergency - Contact 911

Health Services

OHIP: Ontario Health Insurance Plan - How to apply for an OHIP card. 

Maple - For a limited time, dependents of CAF members living in Canada can access virtual routine healthcare and COVID-19 screening. If you are unable to connect with your own family physician, Maples' doctors can provide medical advice, prescriptions, lab or imaging requisitions.

Babylon by Telus Health - Free healthcare mobile app that allows you to check symptoms, consult with doctors and access your health records. OHIP required.

Calian Military Family Doctor Network - Improves access to quality health care for families of serving CAF members by expediting the process of obtaining a family physician.

Find a Doctor - Provincial Government resource for finding a doctor in your community.

French-Language Health Services - Find services offered in French. 

Dental Services

Low Cost Dental Services: Search for clinics that offer low cost dental services throughout Toronto. 

24/7 Mental Health Services for Military and Veteran Members and Families

FIL - Family Information Line: 1-800-866-4546 - Confidential, personal, bilingual service, offering information, support, referrals, reassurance and crisis management to the military community.

CFMAP - Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program: 1-800-268-7708 - Offers military members (Regular and Reserve Force) and their immediate family members, confidential, voluntary, short term counselling to assist with resolving stresses at home and in the work place.  

CAF KIDS - Crisis Texting Service for Kids of CAF Families. Text CAFKIDS to 686868. Kids Help Phone provides this confidential service for kids who might be struggling with relocation, separation, relationships, anxiety/stress, depression, self/harm, suicide, isolation, grief.  

TMFRC Mental Health Services

We provide individual (all ages), couple, family and group, counselling, therapy and psychoeducational workshops.   The TMFRC Mental Health Team will help families navigate mental health systems and services to ensure the member and family receive appropriate services and support. 

How To Access TMFRC Mental Health Services

Are you: a currently serving regular force member or a currently serving reserve force member whose issue is a service related concern, contact CAF Health Services.  

Are you: a currently serving reserve force member whose issue is individual and NOT in the context of a family need or issue, we will help you find appropriate support.  Contact TMFRC Prevention, Support and Intervention Coordinator - Shara Claire,

Are you: a family member of a regular or reserve force member; or a currently serving regular force or reserve force member and the issue for which you are seeking help is in the context of a family need or issue, contact  TMFRC Prevention, Support and Intervention Coordinator - Shara Claire,

Are you:  a currently serving ill/injured member or family member of an ill/injured member;  a medically releasing member or medically released Veteran or family member of a medically releasing member or medically released Veteran; or a member or family member currently connected to a CAF Transition Centre, contact TMFRC Family Liaison Officer - Reba Fleury,

Mental Health & Wellness Resources

LifeSpeak - Available to CAF members and families, LifeSpeak is a total well-being platform that provides information, resources, blog posts, webinars and podcasts covering a range of wellness topics. Click: Group Account; Client Password: Canada

Wellness Together Canada Portal - Offers the following services at no cost to all Canadians:  wellness self-assessment and tracking, self guided courses, apps, and other resources, group coaching and community of support, counselling by text or phone.

Children & Youth

Strongest Families Institute - Virtual coaching and parenting support for children and families seeking help for mental health issues, specializing in behaviour issues and anxiety. 

Mental Health TO - Connects children, youth and families to local mental health services (Toronto).

CAF KIDS - Crisis Texting Service for Kids of CAF Families. Text CAFKIDS to 686868. Kids Help Phone provides this confidential service for kids who might be struggling with relocation, separation, relationships, anxiety/stress, depression, self/harm, suicide, isolation, grief.  

Life Skills & Preparedness

CF One Card - Rewards, discounts and services for CAF members and their families.

Moving within Ontario - How to change the address on your health card, drivers licence, and/or vehicle permit.

Navigation & Getting Around

Driving in Ontario - How to switch a driver's licence from another province, state or country for an Ontario driver's licence.

Register a Vehicle - Learn how to register your out of province vehicle in Ontario.

GoTransit - Regional Public Transit Service for the GTA

Metrolinx - Provides links to regional transit services throughout the GTA.  Click 'Regional Transit'.

TTC: Toronto Transit Commission - Toronto Public Transit

York Region Transit - Viva rapid transit service serving York Region to Toronto.

Financial Security

Financial Emergency - Contact the Family Information Line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-866-4546.

SISIP Financial - Provide financial advice and products tailored to the military lifestyle.

Support Our Troops - Emergency financial assistance, special needs grants, scholarships and education assistance loans and summer camps programs to members, veterans and their families.

Emergency Family Care Assistance - Financial assistance to offset costs associated with emergency care of a family member. 

Taxes and Benefits in Ontario - Learn about taxes in Ontario and what they support, including tax credits you can get to help you with living and business costs. 

Spousal Employment

Military Spousal Employment Network - Connects military spouses with national employers that strive to provide equal employment opportunities to military spouses/partners, amidst the challenges associated with the military lifestyle.

Military Spouse Employment Initiative - Enables spouses to find or continue employment both within federal public service.  

Labour Mobility - Mobility and qualification recognition working group.  Reducing barrier to labour mobility across Canada. 

Regulated Professions and Trades - Learn about the services available in Ontario to help you continue working in your profession or trade if you've been trained outside of Ontario. Ontario Bridge Training Program / Trade equivalency assessment / Health Force Ontario / Global Experience Ontario

Jobs and Employment Search - Resources and supports to connect job seekers with employers in Ontario. 

Social Integration & Recreation

Events Calendar - Calendar of festivals and events throughout Ontario. 

Ontario Tourism - Explore and Play 

Ontario Travel - Ontario Travel Information Centres

Provincial Parks and Camping - Plan your camping trip and book a campsite at over 300 provincial parks.

Camping on Crown Land - Everything you need to know about camping and recreational activites on Ontario's Crown land.

Fishing in Ontario - Veterans and active members of the Canadian Armed Forces who reside in Ontario are able to enjoy free fishing across the province.  Click 'Fishing in Ontario' to learn more. 

Outdoors Card - Learn how to buy an Outdoors Card, required to hunt in Ontario.

Hunting Licence - Learn how to acquire a Hunting Licence for Military Members posted in Ontario. 

Cultural and Social Environment

Second Language Services at TMFRC - Contact our Second Language Services Supervisor, Jamie McKay,

French Language Government Services - Get services from the provincial government in French.

Ontario's Aboriginal Culture - Learn about First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture in Ontario. 

Art Galleries and Museums - Explore the diverse galleries and museums the province has to offer.  

Heritage Ontario - Learn about Ontario's Conservation Districts, Heritage Properties and Cultural Heritage Resources. 

Performing Arts - Explore music and dance, festivals and events throughout Ontario. 

Theatre and Film - Explore independent shows, festivals, theatre companies, comedy performances and more. 

For Children

Child Care

Find Child Care - Get help finding, choosing and paying for child care. 

Child Care at Toronto MFRC - Toronto MFRC offers licenced full time child care for military and civilian families and emergency and casual child care for military families.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and in keeping with guidance issued by the Province of Ontario and Toronto Public Health, child care services at Toronto MFRC currently have reduced capacity and have implemented health measures to protect the health and wellness of our staff and the children in our care.  If you have questions about our child care services please be in touch with us at


Find a School - Use the School Information Finder to search for publicly funded schools in Ontario and learn more about them.  Search by town/city, school board, postal code or school name. 

French-Language Schools - Find a French-language school in your community.

Military Family Services Children's Education Management - Supports the educational needs of Canadian Armed Forces families in a variety of situations both inside and outside Canada. 

Meet Our Team

Contact Us


The Vision of the Toronto MFRC answers the question, "If we do our work right, we will have...", and is: Confident, capable, and resilient veterans, members, and families within the CAF community of the GTA.


To provide effective, engaging, and encouraging support services to current and former CAF members and their families residing in the GTA, through the lens of the unique challenges and needs of the military lifestyle, empowering them to confidence, capability, and resiliency.


In support of this Mission, the Goals of the Organization are:

  • To help families of Canadian Forces members manage the stresses associated with the unique characteristics of the military lifestyle.
  • To enhance the quality of life in the Canadian Forces community by supporting personal family and community development.
  • To foster the active and meaningful participation of Canadian Forces families, in particular, civilian spouses of Canadian Forces members in the development, delivery and evaluation of military family services.
  • To contribute to the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Forces by strengthening Canadian Forces families and communities.

We will achieve these goals by:

  • Ensuring the provision of a range of accessible, high quality services that respond to the needs of Canadian Forces families
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships that enhance our mandate
  • Promoting the visibility, awareness and use of the TMFRC services


The Toronto Military Family Resource Centre, under the governance of the Board of Directors is committed to:

  • Trust, Integrity, Transparency and Confidentiality
  • Openness and Welcome in all interactions
  • Responsibility to provide supports, programming and resources to our community
  • Outreach and Community relationship building, cultivation of partnerships
  • Nimbleness and Responsiveness to all client and community requests and needs
  • Tolerance and Respect for diversity and equality, in interactions and messaging
  • Operational excellence and professional service provision
  • Mental Health resources to veterans, members and their families
  • Family and Childcare programming – daycare and casual/emergency care
  • Recognition of employees, volunteers, members and families
  • Continuous Improvement of our services, supports, policies and procedures


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