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We want to give you our free guide to taking more beautiful photographs with your camera....no clue where to start? We'll give you some tips! Ready to dive in? Keep scrolling to see our upcoming hands on workshop.

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Your DSLR can do SO much, so why not learn how to use it? Ready to wow your friends (and yourself!) with better photos? We're here to help.

Are you stuck shooting on automatic? Frustrated getting the same results, blurry images, missed shots and missed smiles, or you just have no idea how to figure this new camera out? You paid so much money for this nice camera, you may have even paid extra for some lenses or things you were told you'd need. Don't worry- we have a class JUST for you and we can help you learn what you need and what you don't, when to use those nice lenses, tripods, and various camera pieces in your bag, and most importantly- HOW TO TAKE BETTER PHOTOS!

You're a better photographer than your camera thinks you are...and we can help by building your fundamental skills. We'll show you how to make your camera work for YOU and do what YOU want. We'll teach you the basics of photography, walk you through step by step with hands on exercises, and build your confidence level while we're at it. 

Let's discover what all those knobs, buttons, presets, and settings your camera has, learn some basic composition rules, grasp the idea of lighting, and get a better knowledge base for you to use every time you pick up your camera. 

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Testimonials from Recent Students

“ It was very relaxed, fun, and informative. Loved it and enjoyed the hands on!”

- Audra L.

"I see big improvements in my photos since I took the intermediate class. Before I was shooting in auto and not getting the lighting or blurry background that I wanted now I know how to shoot in manual and I love it!! Thanks Christy Miller and Ray Evans for teaching me!"

- Whitney D.

“I learned several new points that will help me to take better shots!”

- Jennifer B.

About Christy and Ray

Mnemosyne Studio is owned by two outstanding award winning professional photographers: 

Ray Evans and Christy Miller. 

"We specialize in contemporary portraiture and glamour photography that gives you the experience of a full magazine style photo shoot." - Christy 

We collaborate on every shoot and typically shoot in tandem during our sessions. Making sure that every detail of the day is perfect- from pampering you with hair and makeup to focusing on you during the photo shoot as you are the model for the day! We believe that it's important to exist in physical prints for you to hand down to your children and your children's children.  

As well as being professional photographers, we love watching our students grow and develop new skills. Seeing them get that light bulb moment when something clicks just right for them makes our day! Our community Facebook alumni group is an amazing resource where we can watch our students on their individual journeys and encourage or help them when they get stuck. 

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”


Our next class is coming up on Saturday, January 12th, 2019. Come and join us at Mnemosyne Studio for our hands-on workshop.

We have two classes we'll be offering! 

Saturday, January 12th 2019

  • Beyond the Lens BEGINNERS Class - 8am - 12pm
  • Beyond the Lens INTERMEDIATE Class - 1pm - 5pm
  • ALL DAY ACCESS (Both classes, lunch and exclusive Q&A) - 8am - 6pm

We are going to increase your knowledge and teach you how to take better photos! If you're interested in learning what all of those buttons and dials do, sign up for our Beginner Class. Already know some of the basics on how to operate your camera but looking for something more? Then our Intermediate Class is perfect for you. So there are some of you out there that might want it all! We also offer a full day workshop option where you will attend both classes, have a complimentary catered lunch with us and receive an extra hour in a more personal setting for our All Day Exclusive Q&A mentoring. 

One Class only- $150

All Day Access (includes lunch and mentoring Q&A)- $300

Youth All Day Pass (parent must also be present, 12 to 17, includes lunch and mentoring)- $300

Live in or near Indian Trail NC? Join us in the studio! We'll be teaching photography for beginners and intermediate photographers. The morning classes are geared towards newer photographers who are just learning how their camera works while afternoon sessions are dedicated to intermediate and hobbyist photographers who are ready to take their basic knowledge to the next level and get off of automatic and into manual mode fully with some advanced features. Each class will be limited to 12 individuals!

So what are you waiting for?

 If you would like more information before signing up you can call us at the studio, our number is 704-839-0588

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