Kilkenny College School photographs 2018

Maria of Kilkenny

Photographing Kilkenny college Students since 1975

Please Read Carefully

To Order School Photographs from 2018 you have 3 different options

1. Order and Collect from our Studio in High Street Kilkenny. You can order over the phone and collect from the studio.

2. Order from the Studio and we will post out the order directly to you. 

To order from the Studio please call 056-7721012 and ask to order Kilkenny College Photos .

The photograph list is below. We are ordering the Photographs all together on 6th July the photographs will be posted out / available for collection 10 days later.

The photographs are €12.75 per print 10" (unless one of the form groups which will be 12")

€15 for 10" print in Folder

€25 for 16" Photograph

Postage and Packaging direct from Studio is € 4.50 

3. Online ordering through this link 

posted directly to you. 

Postage is calculated by the website company and is calculated on an individual order basis.

Orders are posted out from Lab directly usually within a day or two of submitting order. 

We recommend if you have a son or daughter in Form 1 , Form 3 or Form 6 to order direct from the studio as we can supply a 12" for the same price as the 10" available on the website.

Please be assured we do not hold credit card data from any order and will only contact you in connection with any order placed. We value our clients privacy.  

1) Form 3 Year Group

2) Ag Science Teams

3) Form 1 Year Group

4) Boarder Prefect Girls Dorm

5) Boarder Prefect Boys Dorm

6) Chamber Choir

7) Ripieno Music Group

8) Junior Choir

9) Senior Choir

10) Jazz Band

11) Girls Hockey Form 1A

12) Girls Hockey Form 1B

13) Girls Hockey Form 1C

14) Mentors

15) Girls Hockey Form 1D

16) Green Schools

17) Green School 6th Year

18) Girls Hockey Junior A

19) Boys Hockey U13 Cup

20) Boys Rugby

21) 1st Year Hockey

22) Girls & Boys Badminton U14

23) Girls & Boys U16+U19 Badminton

24) Girls Hockey Minor A

25) Girls Hockey Minor B

26) Girls Hockey Minor B2

27) Tennis Teams

28) Girls Tennis

29) Boys Tennis

30) Form 6 Year Group

31) Prefects

32) Heritage Club

33) Senior Rugby 1sts

34) Athletics

35) Equestrian Team

36) Senior Rugby 2nds

37) Senior Rugby U16 TY

38) All-Ireland Winning Equestrian Team

39) Paul Cuddihy (Glass+4 Girls)

40) Gaisce

41) Debating

42) Boys Hockey Minor Cup

43) Girls Rugby

44) Boys Rugby U15

45) JCT Rugby A Team First

46) JCT Rugby A+B

47) Golf

48) Boys Hockey Junior Cup

49) Girls Hockey Senior 1sts

50) Girls Hockey Senior 2nds

51) Hockey International

52) Student Council

53) Girls Hockey Senior 4ths

54) International Mentors

55) Girls HockeyJunior B1

56) Girls Hockey Senior 3rds

57) Girls Hockey Junior B2

58) International Horse Group (Equestrian)

59) Boys Hockey Senior 1sts 

Remember if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your continued support

Maria and the Team

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