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Body Image Workshop For Teens

Get Real and Reclaim the Power of Your Self Image!

Elevate          Inspire          Transform

One in 8 teen girls suffer from low self image and depression. Let's change that!

Teens are bombarded with overt and sneaky messages about how they “should” look and how they compare against what societal pressures deem attractive. It can crush their self-image before it even gets a chance to flourish. This 2-day workshop is for teen girls between the ages of 12-15 and is chock full of creative, fun, and elevating opportunities for them to expose the culprits that influence their sense of self-worth while reclaiming the power of their self-image. Teens will be encouraged to develop a self-image that’s so much more than just their body image.

The workshop includes Art, Games, Gifts, Discussions, Lunch on Sunday, Parent Tip Sheet on Supporting A Healthy Self Image, Fun and an Empowering Photo Shoot!

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Mark Laurie - Photographer

Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography is an Internationally renowned photographer. In addition to his many international awards is his Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year honors. He has created image treasures for over 5000 women in the last 40 years.

Free Empowering Mini Session for each participant!

Part of the fun of a transformation is seeing the end result. Having a tangible reminder of how powerful and confident  you can be is very important for daily growth. Canadian Portrait Photographer of the year, Mark Laurie, will be at our workshop to offer free mini-portrait sessions to all of the participants. They will receive a smartphone app with their images on it that they can share with friends and family. He will also have a special offer for a full, personalized session in his Calgary studio.

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