Learn How to Tame Your Camera

with Labonte Photography Training and Workshops

So somewhere along the line, you decided to purchase a "good" camera to capture life's moments.  You were excited to finally be able to capture awesome photos only to be disappointed in the results you were getting.  You tried a few times and used all of the lenses you purchased thinking that might help.  Sometimes you were able to get awesome professional quality photos and other times, well not so much.  You began to get frustrated that this expensive camera didn't always give you the results you were looking for and you put it in the case and decided to just go back to using your cell phone camera.  I have heard this story time and again, so I decided it was time to do something about it and do what I can to help you get the results that I know your camera is capable of getting.  I can't guarantee that every shot will be worthy of something to hang on your wall, but I can guarantee that you will be better prepared to get those shots. 

I am here to help you by offering classes and workshops on all aspects of using your camera to it's full potential.  Be sure to click on the Facebook icon and like my page to keep up with all upcoming classes.


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