top 10 Trends for senior portraits

by Thomas Cooke Photography

ABOUT ME: What I do is… make you forget you’re in front of a camera and just BE YOU! If you’re a parent… I make you HAPPY that you commissioned me to create images of your child that make you SMILE even when they’re not there with you!

senior portrait idea #1

Contemporary Studio Portraits

This was number one according to the mom's of high school seniors. REAL studio Classic and Updated-Traditional portraits should be the absolute must have in your senior portrait session! This is something you'll hang on to for the rest of your life.

senior portrait idea #2

You Gotta Have Fun

How about just kickin' it... allowing you to show off your fun side! Whether you do hair flips or twirl in your party dress, you definitely want to incorporate something fun to remember your goofy self.

senior portrait idea #3

Add Drama

Adding drama to your senior portraits is the perfect way to show off your serious side. No smiley "say cheese" picture here!

senior portrait idea #4

Pretty Colors

Make sure to use colors that are in harmony with your hair color and skin tone. You also want to use a photo location that is in tune with your outfit, hair and makeup! It can make or break a portrait.

senior portrait idea #5

Incorporate a pet

Don't forget those you grew up with! If you have a dog, cat, horse etc.. don't forget to bring them along.

senior portrait idea #6

Show Off Your Activities

Whether you participate in a school activity or travel team, those are some of the most memorable moments in high school. You want to make sure to take a portrait with your sport/club or music stuff.

senior portrait idea #7

Fashion Black & White

Taking a portrait with a fashion black & white look is timeless! It makes for some of the best portraits!

senior portrait idea #8


Make sure to choose a senior photographer that can make you laugh and have fun!

senior portrait idea #9

Your Car

Having your car as a part of your senior portrait session is almost vital! You'll want to remember what you drove.

senior portrait idea #10

Guys: Wear a Suit

This one is for the senior guys. Don't just wear a t-shirt and jeans. Dress it up with a suit or even just a shirt and sport coat.

Other Senior Portrait Ideas

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