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Are you considering getting a corporate headshot?  This is a great way to get a professional portrait photograph that you can use for business purposes, such as LinkedIn profiles, company websites, business cards, and email signatures. 

Corporate headshots are essential for everyone, including executives, entrepreneurs, and job seekers. They help make a strong first impression on your target audience and establish credibility. Headshots can also be used to promote branding and boost your business.

It's important that you show off your personality and convey your uniqueness when considering a headshot. It should be a reflection of who you are, not just a picture of someone else’s idea of who you should be! 

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What to wear?

When it comes to corporate headshots, it’s important to dress professionally and appropriately for your industry. Here are some tips to help you choose the right outfit:

  • Wear solid colors: Solid colors are a safe bet for headshots. Avoid busy patterns or prints that can be distracting.
  • Choose a classic style: Opt for a classic style that is timeless and professional. Avoid trendy or flashy clothing that may not age well.
  • Dress for your industry: Dress appropriately for your industry. For example, if you work in finance, wear a suit or blazer. If you work in a creative field, you can be more casual.
  • Avoid bright colors: Bright colors can be distracting and take away from your face. Stick to neutral or muted tones.
  • Avoid jewelry: Jewelry can be distracting and take away from your face. If you do wear jewelry, keep it simple and understated.
  • Keep it simple: Keep your outfit simple and understated. The focus should be on your face, not your clothing.

What type of Headshot are you looking for?

Traditional Corporate Headshots are the most common type which is formal and usually used for business and professional purposes. It customarily includes a plain background with the subject looking directly into the camera. This style works well for anyone wanting to portray a professional yet approachable look. 

Editorial or Enviornmental headshot, a more casual session putting you in an environment related to your profession. It takes the traditional headshot and includes elements of your environment in the image. This could be anything from your desk at work to a favorite spot in nature that you love to spend time in. This type of portrait allows you to show off more of your personality while still keeping it professional.

 Creative headshots, increases the intensity and adds personality into the mix! These may include props or interesting backgrounds. Creative headshots are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and show off their unique sense of style.

Lifestyle Headshots

Lifestyle headshots are a contemporary style of portrait photography that aims to capture the subject’s personality, interests, and everyday life in a more casual and approachable manner. 

Unlike traditional headshots taken in a studio against a solid backdrop, lifestyle headshots are often captured in natural environments or settings that resonate with the subject’s lifestyle or profession.

The goal of lifestyle headshots is to create images that showcase your authenticity, passion, and unique characteristics. 

In this session you are fully engaged in your passion, your profession, and together we create a personalized session to showcase what you love to do. We usually meet where you are doing what you do, creating where you create.

Lifestyle Sessions usually take longer so plan on 45-60 minutes.

About Kelly Milluzzi

I am a professional portrait photographer, serving Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas. I recently added corporate head shots to my niches and find that I love using my creativity to help you look great. Outside of photography, I love listening to music and reading.

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