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You've decided you want to immortalize them ; We've got you covered!

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Your pets are part of the family; why not treat them as such? Immortalize your pets in portraits - it has never been easier than it is today.

Consider grooming your pet prior to the portraits, BUT if this does not get done - it is not the end of the world. We want to remember our pets as they are (and...not everything will show on camera, not as much as you may think) and cherish them for that "personality" of theirs.

Recognize that something will go wrong...and that's okay. No pets sit perfectly still, nor are they always in a great mood. Something is bound to get spilled, they may have an accident, etc. Things happen. We know this and we expect it. Just roll with the flow, and leave the tough stuff to us.

Together we will capture a series of candid and more posed moments. Your pet...not a super model...even though they are super cute. We ask you to go with the flow. Pet portraits are kept quick for a reason, so not to stress your beloved fur baby. We will be doing all that we can to get the perfect shot, and we will ask for help as needed. Leave it to us!

The biggest take away is that we want to photograph our beautiful babies, so we will....but sometimes that takes patience, a whole lot of wishful thinking, and just going with the flow. There will be curve balls, but we are promising you...there will be gorgeous shots from this.

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How to Prepare (after mentally preparing)

At this point, we hope you have mentally prepared to have your pet photographed - remember, it is all about going with the flow and being laid back. Leave it to us, there is A LOT we can do. Now let's discuss how we can prepare our pet, our families, and what we should pack!

- Bring a leash, carrier, harness, etc. for your pet. We KNOW this varies based upon the type of pet, but we have tips and tricks with editing. Most of our pet portraits have been completed with leash/harness on, actually!

- Come prepared to be photographed, humans! While the focus is on your pet, we recommend coming ready to be photographed. Some pets need their humans there, for comfort. They also may need held or just a hand in the portraits. This is normal. Don't sweat it! 

- Groom to the best of your abilities, so that pets come looking as you would like them to be photographed, BUT again...don't sweat it. Timing is not always perfect, and pets...well...they do get messy. It will be fine!

- Be prepared for the weather. We are outdoors. It may be hot or cold, depending. Be sure to bring water, blankets, or have a toasty/cool car ready for them to hop in. The sessions will be quick, as to keep them comfortable. 

- Treats! Treats are always, always, always a great idea. This is a special day, so don't be afraid to bring several kinds, load up on their favorites, etc. We need a reward system to get those amazing shots.

- Don't be afraid to bring a friend. The more people we have, the more eyes we have on the pets and more people who can help keep them where they need to be. However, remember your pet - remember who they are and how they reach - some pets get stressed if there are too many people around. 

- How is your pet with being outdoors? Have they been outside before? If not, remember that this may be a stress to them. Bring something that is comforting to them and be sure to let the photographer know, in advance, that this is their first time. We want to be calm and collected, for them.

- Remember that you have a photographer to capture the important shots - a few behind the scenes shots/videos are welcome, but we highly recommend leaving this to your photographer and simply enjoying the moment. We really do need your help with your pet, and I promise - we have got you covered on portraits!

- Consider bringing a way to clean up after your pet. What if they drool, sneeze, or step in something? A way to clean up excess potty, in case they go, so they or future pets do not get into it, is also helpful. 

- Relax. They know when we are stressed and wonder why. This will be a fun experience, or it should be - so let's make it fun! If this is your first time having pet portraits done with us, you may not be sure what to expect. Do not be afraid to ask questions, we are here for you.

Things to Remember

We may need your help, you just never know. Be sure to wear clothing you love, make sure your hair and nails are tidy, etc. You want to be comfortable in case we need to you in there!

Come Photo Ready

Portraits can be stressful - you feel it, we feel it, and believe it or not...your pet feels it. We need you to trust that we are trained and will do what is best for you and your fur babies. We got you covered!


Let us know how you are feeling before, during, and after the portraits. We want to be able to address any questions, concerns, etc. that you have AND we want to be there for you. You are not alone in this. Please communicate any needs or worries you may have!

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"My sweet pet, a heartbeat at my feet..."


You are fully prepared for your portrait session - you have prepared your bags, yourself, and your what?

We are ready to get started! Join us on your session date & time for your portraits.

297 Pond Lane Martinsburg, WV 25405 

Following the session, you will view approximately 15 gorgeous images to select from.

Images will be selected on a date/time of your choosing, following the session - this is something that we schedule together. This can be scheduled before, at, or after the session for a date following the session. Let us know what is most convenient for you! 

Together, we will select your favorite images and decide how you would like them preserved - the items included in your package only? or would you like to add additional (digital, print, album, etc.)? We will figure all of that out, after your session while viewing your images. Need a reminder on what is included? Don't be afraid to ask!

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