2022 "Sexy Selfie" contest

Lifestyle Boudoir by Michael Spatola

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Be bold. be sassy. be daring. Send us your selfie!

Don't miss this opportunity- You MUST apply by Friday , February 10th at 11:59 pm

You do NOT have to be a “model.”   This offer is for women that want to feel strong, empowered and beautiful. Your selfie should show us  your personality! 

You don't even have to be great in front of the camera. Heck, you might not even think you're photogenic. Don't worry- You'll be coached and gently directed to bring out your best. From the moment you sit in the makeup chair to the moment your session is complete, you'll ooze confidence! - you’re going to feel like a million bucks (and look like it too)!

There's tons of new and exciting things happening in 2023, and we'll need some ladies to help us showcase what's coming!

We have some NEW PRODUCTS (new albums, books and wall art), and we have some new backgrounds, set pieces, and also some neighborhood locations, and I’m needing some wonderful everyday ladies that just want to feel sexy, to try out all these new and fun ideas with!!  Since this is a public contest, the images from your session will be used for marketing and promotion of our services, to show off the new sets, and new products.

* F.Y.I. - we’ve been in business since 1991 (yep- 32 years!), so you’re in GREAT hands, and we know just how to make sure you’re comfortable, and LOVE the whole experience! 

Look below to discover, what the winners will receive FREE OF CHARGE, with no obligation.

1st Place Winner gets:

Complimentary Boudoir Experience Session

Professionally applied makeup and light hair styling

2 - 3 hours of camera time, and up to 5 outfit changes

1 hour Selection Appointment to choose your images

$2400 Album Prize Package! (or apply that to any package we offer!)

The TOP 5 Runners Up will Get:  

Complimentary Boudoir Experience Session

Professionally applied makeup and light hair styling

2 - 3 hours of camera time, and up to 5 outfit changes

1 hour Selection Appointment to choose your images

$500 Lifestyle Boudoir Gift Card that you can apply to any product/package we offer

There's just a few simple rules:

1) You must be over 18 years of age. All shapes & sizes can apply!

2) Have 3-5 super sexy lingerie outfits, heels and accessories to wear

              3) As silly as this sounds- if accepted, you must be dependable and you must show up for your appointment time. (Even though there's no charge for this, we do block out 3-4 total hours of time for each session, and my makeup artist time is booked as well.)

4) Because this is a public contest, we may repost your selfie, and perhaps a judicious selection of your finished images from the shoot. So, we'll need you to sign a model release.

5) If we've photographed you before, please give another lady a chance to win.

6) Selfies must be submitted only with the "Apply Now" link on this page

7) Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.

8) You must be a So-Cal resident, or at least coming to the L.A. area within 60 days of the contest deadline- all sessions must be photographed by no later than May 30th, 2023

9) There is no purchase necessary to enter, and none required if you win. If you choose to purchase something beyond your prize, you are welcome to, but never required.


10) You MUST apply by Friday, February 10th at 11:59 PM

*What if I don't want to compete, but just want to book a discounted session ASAP?- 

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See what previous grand prize winner, Lynn Cao, had to say about her session with Lifestyle Boudoir by Michael Spatola



“There are SO many things that I loved about my session with Lifestyle Boudoir, but my foremost favorite part was the overall vibe and energy. From start to finish, I was comfortable every step of the way. Michael is a pretty upbeat person, very easy-going, and does a great job of putting people at ease. I was able to feel sexy without being sexualized.

The photos turned out EXACTLY the way I wanted. In fact, even better than I imagined! Hands down, the photos look like they belong in a magazine. I have NEVER felt so proud of my body than I have after getting my photographs from Lifestyle Boudoir”

Maya Rivers, Los Angeles

“It’s given me a giant confident boost! What I liked best is how comfortable I was and how easy going the environment felt! Initially, I was nervous but excited, but I felt more comfortable throughout the shoot and eventually let loose! Everyone was amazing and very warm and welcoming. I loved, loved, loved it! I’m telling all my friends to go to Michael for their boudoir sessions!”

Kimberly Pena, Los Angeles

“Where do I even start? The lighting is beautiful and so artistic! At first, I was very nervous but only because I didn’t know what to expect but you guys really made me feel comfortable. Honestly, I loved how comfortable it was!

To be completely honest, it made me remember who the f*** I am! Sorry for the profanity, but it’s true. I felt like myself again and continue to feel like the awesome human I know I am! Thank you!”

Brenda Lopez, Los Angeles

“While looking at the images I was smiling, happy, and more confident about my self. It’s beyond my imagination that I can do something like this. I can't believe it, but yes I did it! I feel so proud of myself and feel unique. I still can't still believe it. I'm still looking at myself (photos) and I feel so proud, and happy that I did it. Thank you for all the positivity! Always cheers me up.

I feel more proud of myself now! It’s like I’m in another realm of fantasy, but it’s a real one!”

Jessabelle Benedicto, Los Angeles

Your Artists

about image

Michael Spatola has been a photographer in Los Angeles for 30 years, where he specializes in photography of women. He is also a makeup artists with multiple "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup" EMMY Award nominations, and famous for his work on Terminator 2, Iron Man 3, Tales From The Crypt (just to name a few). He's also authored 6 popular books on Makeup.

Michael's wife, Jojo is an international award winning makeup artist from Guangzhou, China. There she worked on several films and many TV productions (Let The Bullets Fly and Conspirators). Jojo will be there to make you look your best and get you ready for the camera! 

All women ought to feel beautiful, desirable & confident!

Boudoir is a gift for YOU!

Even the most shy women gain confidence through my lens. We'll reveal the beauty you have inside and out, and how sexy you really are. Photographing you in such a way that you actually feel sexier and more beautiful! Capturing images of it is just the bonus... to help you remember the moments. You may be shy, or have a few extra pounds, or just have no idea just how sexy you can look- and that's where we come in! YOU'LL LOOK INCREDIBLE! 

I want it to be an amazing, empowering gift for yourself! After this session,  you'll never see yourself in the same way again!

You MUST apply by Friday, February 10th at 11:59 PM

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