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Hiring a Commercial Videographer shouldn't be so complicated.

We know you have a lot to think about within your business, so we created this simple guide to help you make the best choice for you. Take a moment to look around. We are here if you have any questions. Every commercial is unique in its own way and we would like to create a custom video collection to capture all your business needs and show your work to potential prospects!

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Client Testimonials

Lori P.

Thank you so much for capturing our vision so perfectly!!!! I still can’t believe the end result….you have over exceeded our expectations!!!! Absolutely Priceless!!!!!!

Eddy M.

Great experience with Ayala Films as usual!!! Very professional. We asked Andres for help to do a branding video for our spa (Neurostrive Hydration & Med Spa in Stuart FL) which came out amazing. I highly recommend Ayala Films if you are looking for a professional video for any event, or branding your business. We did a Facebook version, an instagram version and an add version. The job was done on time. We also did a 7 minutes video that keeps playing on the TVs in the spa

Richelle A.

My business has used Ayala Films for several projects and I wish I could give more than 5 stars. The quality is top notch, the professionalism is always on point and when we need something done they always produce exactly what we ask for. I can honestly say that they exceeded my expectation! My business will only use Ayala Films for our videos!

What do we offer?

All of our packages are a combination of different videos.

Promotional Video

This video will be your main promotion video. It will be as long as 1 minute and can be used on websites, social media and advertisements. In this video, your vision will come to life according to all the planning and video shooting that will have been done.

Social Media Promo

Social Media is key in promoting your business to your potential prospects. This 15-30 second video will allow you to promote your business and lead people to that longer promotional video that comes with the package.

Social Media Reel/Story

Today in age, reels and stories on Social Media are THE way to promote. Whether you choose a reel or a story option, this 15 second video will allow you to target a whole new kind of client for your business.

Want to see more of our work?

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This guide is designed to be a starting point.
The best next step is to jump on a quick phone call so that we can better get to know you and your visions for your promos, and we can answer all of your questions.  Use the link below to schedule a stress-free 30-minute phone or zoom consultation.

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Here's how it works

Simple plan



Use the link below to schedule a quick call so that I can learn more about you and your vision, answer all of your questions, and help you plan ideas.



On the day of the shoot, we will already have a plan in motion to shoot everything necessary. Your job is to coordinate with us what the purpose and vision of your promos will be.



At this time, you will use your videos and direct to your necessary outlets. This will allow for the videos to start giving you leads that will convert to sales.


Ayala Films Top 10 Commercial Video Tips & Guide

  1. Have a vision on what you want to promote within your business (product, service, specific area of business).
  2. Setup a plan to execute along with your Videographer. Go over this days in advance of the video shoot. 
  3. ASK QUESTIONS. If you have specific ideas in mind or ways you would like your business to be portrayed, tell you Videographer. Our job is to bring your ideas to life!
  4. Share what got you into your current business. Background is very important to how your video will look.
  5. STORYBOARD! Create a timeline of your video. This will give you and idea of what your video will look like.
  6. If you have a type of music you have in mind for the promo, let your Videographer know.
  7. COMMUNICATION! Communicate with your Videographer. Anything that they need to know, tell them. The more information provided about your idea, the better the performance  that will be provided.
  8. Bring people in for your shoot. Depending on your business it will be good to show others, aside from yourself in your video promotion.
  9. On video shoot day, be ready and look sharp. Shoots can take up to 4 hours depending on schedule and timing of events.
  10. Finally, be ready to STAND APART from the rest! Video is everything in the commercial world today and you have made the right move in choosing to promote yourself via video.

About Ayala Films

Ayala Films was started on a whim and as “The Drude Fleet” 6 years ago. It was always a dream to do exactly what we loved and enjoy it, and thankfully filmmaking and content creation became just that. We have poured our heart and soul into every aspect of this video making business. From weddings, to commercials, to lifestyle videos, we have strived to work on our creativity and film creation education everyday. Fast forward to today and we are proud to have created videos for hundreds of clients all over the country and look forward to keep doing so for YOU! We look forward to talking to you!


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