5 tips for awesome engagement photos

by Nathan

ABOUT ME: I have been photographing wedding couples for nearly two decades, and over that time have grown a love for telling stories through print and cinema.  People often ask me why I love weddings.  The truth is, I love capturing the first chapter of a couples story!  My focus and passion is to create work that is as much about the marriage as it is about the wedding. My hope is that the stories I capture are not only enjoyed today, but years, decades, and even centuries from now! Life is an adventure not to be forgotten! 

Tip 1

Be Yourself

If you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, you are not alone!  Most people don't wake up in the morning excited to go on a photo shoot.  The key to pictures you will absolutely love is to just "let it go" and be yourself!   This shoot isn't about just standing in place and smiling at the camera.  If you are having fun, your pictures will be fun!  

Laugh, joke, tickle (unless you hate to be tickled like me!), whisper how funny the photographer looks, etc!  Your photographer will love you, because taking pictures of someone that is uncomfortable is awkward for everyone.  Don't get me wrong, a good photographer will help encourage you to be yourself and guide you to natural poses.  However, go into this with the mindset that this is an awesome date that you will never forget, rather than another item on your to-do list. 

Tip 2


A good photographer can take almost any location and make some good images with off camera flash, lenses choice, etc.  However, a great location can take your pictures from good to awesome!  Your photographer can be more creative and has more options to choose from if there are multiple options to work with (don't forget to use them as a resource for places also!)  A place not to crowded is always nice, but you can usually find a place away from the crowd.  Along this line, if a lot of people make you uncomfortable, you may want to choose a location a little more private.  

One of the most important things to think about is a location that is unique to you.  Not everybody has a spot in mind, but if you do have a location that is meaningful to you, it can make for some priceless images.

Tip 3

Treat Yourself

Make this time special, again like an awesome date!  Treat yourself to a new outfit, have your hair and makeup professionally done (guys, best to have a couple days on a new cut), and maybe even schedule a nice dinner afterwards.  Look forward to this and you'll have a blast!

Tip 4


Choosing the right outfit(s) is always a big question.  Show your personality, but keep it comfortable as you may find yourself sitting or lying on the ground.  If the location you are at has the opportunity to change, switching between something more casual and formal is a great option.  If changing in-between seems out of the question, consider different layers (jacket, sweater, vest, cardigan, etc.) to switch things up.  

Don't forget the accessories as well!  Jewelry, shoes, watches, and belts.  They will all be in the photos!  

Tip 5

Have Fun! (And print!)

I can't emphasize this enough.  HAVE FUN!  Make this a celebration of your engagement and upcoming wedding.  You're getting married!!!  

Also, don't forget to print some photo's!  There is nothing like print, and one of my great challenges to you is not to let your images sit in the cloud.  Years from now, nobody is going to come into your house and ask to see your social media feed to see your story.  But a timeless wall print and/or coffee table album will strike up conversations and allow you to relive this moment like it was yesterday.

Have fun, be yourself, and live every moment to it's fullest!

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