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Making a child's Fairytale dream become reality!

In the woodland glades and tucked away places the fairies live. Living their secret lives, you may just hear their whispers if you listen hard enough. surrounded by magic where anything is possible. With a flick of their wand or a sprinkling of fairy dust you are levitated and glide through the air, feeling as free as any bird. The unicorns roam below and maybe, just maybe you can hop on their back (if you ask nicely) and they take you on a glorious and thrilling ride. The pixies and elves, living in their toad stool homes, peer out as you speed by with the wind blowing through your hair. No limits, no worries, just happy and free. 

I think everyone can recall at least one time in their life when they dreamed and imagined such places. 

I still do.

So come with me on a journey, and I can immerse your child in a fairytale land that will last for eternity!

There is no point having such images  hidden in albums or as desktop prints. These images are absolutely designed to be at their best and create an impact when produced in large formats and displayed where they can be seen!

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Photo Shoot

Shoot Location (inc necessary permissions etc)

Face paint (optional)

Approx 20 edited images supplied in private gallery

Framed Print or Canvas Print

(Print Product upgrades and additions available).

Initial and continued consultation throughout

Limited sessions available throughout the year

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The best next step is to jump on a quick phone call so that I can better get to know you, and can answer all of your questions.  Use the link below to schedule a stress-free 15-minute phone consultation or face to face zoom chat. If you prefer a whatsapp video call just check the box where asked.

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About Jo Forster

I am a portrait photographer, specializing in Early Years, and equine portrait photography. Serving Sussex, Surrey and beyond! Outside of photography, I look after my own horses and, along with my partner in crime, do my best to raise our two demanding but loveable boys. There's just never enough hours in the day!!


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