The more than beautiful project

Because you are so much more than beautiful!

attention girls & mothers:

Often the school years can be be challenging for girls and young women because of the messages they receive from our society to fit a standard image, to play small, and to function below their potential. What if young women could learn to develop personal power, and create satisfying lives now and for years to come? I get it. I've been there myself and I see the same need with my daughters. That is why I designed this program.

The More Than Beautiful Project is Designed to:

  • Assist Girls in Developing a Healthy Body Image and Awaken Self Confidence
  • Advance in Deep Reservoirs of Personal Power to Create Satisfying Lives
  • Identify Their Voice, Step Out as a Leader, and Contribute to the Community
  • Build a Strong Self Image With Styling and Create a Legacy With Photographs
  • Provide College Readiness and Learn to Plan For Future
  • Develop Internal and External Leadership
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A Note to Mothers:

From one mother to another, I know  you want to see your daughter living a healthy, satisfying life. Remember the challenges you faced while growing up or even in your adult life? Comparing yourself to others, feelings of not enough, and playing small to please others. What if there is an opportunity to give your daughter the skills necessary to rise above these challenges?

Unfortunately women's disempowerment still exists. Now, more than ever, our daughters need the knowledge and encouragement to grow in personal power, and create the best version of herself. Call Alisa and find out if The More Than Beautiful Project is a fit for your daughter!

Watch the video to see experiences in action:

What Does The More Than Beautiful Project Include?

You are invited to engage in this life-changing experience and emerge with a new sense of personal power and leadership.

Power Hour Sessions

Power Hour Sessions are held once a month with specific goals to address in a fun and informative style. Each session is  is an opportunity for participants to connect with peers and learn valuable tools to carry throughout life.

Leadership & Community

Events are available to participants to lead in the community and contribute to a charitable organization and fulfill the required high school service hours.

A Legacy to Last Generations

Fulfill your high school portrait needs with a photo shoot designed to reflect the best version of YOU. These will be visible on your parents' walls for years. Full styling services are included.

Team Connections

Surround yourself with a team of people who lift you up and encourage you. When participating in The More Than Beautiful Project, you and your mom will both gain this vital benefit.


About the Founder, Alisa Divine

Hi, I am happy you are here! I believe that every young woman is so much more than beautiful. I am founder of this program because I see a need within my own family, especially with my daughters, to be seen for more than their appearance.

In learning and developing our own personal power, we can awaken to self confidence, identify our voice, embrace and love our bodies as they are, and step out as leaders.

I know that through participating in The More Than Beautiful Project, you can achieve this also. I am on a mission to cultivate a new generation of young women. Will you join me?

The more than Beautiful project

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The More Than Beautiful Project Features:

*Themed group photo shoot.

*Digital album from group shoot to share with friends and family.

*Participate in fashion show.

*Featured in our magazine and social media sites.

*Senior session in the summer with styling and pro makeup.

*Participation in monthly Power Hour sessions with hot topics each month.

*Fall 2018 family photo.

*Participation in donation to charitable contribution.

*Print and products from photo shoots.

Alisa Divine is located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Please contact her to find out how you can bring the message of The More Than Beautiful Project to your school, community, or family.