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Quality photography - Quality products

Elwood Photography captures beauty and creates quality artwork which you and future generations will treasure. The experience starts with the gorgeous people you are and seeks to explore the love you have for your nearest and dearest. This adventure is then transformed into stunning artwork, which will be cherished forever.

This guide seeks to give you some indication of the sort of costs that would be involved in capturing the first year of babies life. Memories you will treasure and I can't wait to meet you and help capture this special time of your life.

Baby Plan Options

Here are some examples of how your Baby Plan could work. BUT you don't have to have one of these options I'll produce a specific package for you - let's have a chat and find out what you want.

The Large Wooden Window Box

Year-long product = Large Wooden Window Box plus usb (20 prints plus 20 files from each session)

Number of shoots = FOUR  e.g. Bump, Born, Smile and Stand 

£175 then 18 monthly payments of £59

The Regular Folio Window Box

Year-long product = Standard Window Box plus usb (20 prints plus 20 files from each session)

Number of shoots = THREE e.g. Born, Smile and Sit

£175 then 18 monthly payments of £39

The Small Folio Box

Year-long product = Small Folio Box (10 prints)

Number of shoots  = THREE e.g. Bump, Born and Sit

(note NO USB)

£175 then 18 monthly payments of £17

Two session boxed product

Bump & Bairn two session product= LARGE Presentation Box plus USB (5 large prints plus 20 files)

No. of shoots = TWO Bump, Born 

£175 then £415 on completion

Two session desk frame product

Bump & Bairn two session product = Folio Frame (small with 1 print from each session)

No. of shoots = TWO Bump, Born

£175 then £175 on completion

One session plus digital files

Bump & Bairn ONE session product = USB stick with up to 20 edited images from your session

No. of shoots = ONE 

£175 and £350 on completion

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It is important to note that this product/service does NOT involve the use of ANY on-line publishing of images. Under no circumstances will your baby images be loaded onto the internet by Elwood Photography. You will have access to the full high resolution image files at the point at which the final product is produced. If you wish to post images to social media before this we can provide you with lower resolution files following your viewing at after each session.


This guide is designed to be a starting point.

1. You make a booking for 2/3/4 shoots simply by paying the £175 booking fee

2. We then have an initial consultation where I show you the range of year-long products and explain package and extra product costs, we book your first shoot and you choose the year-long product you want

3. We have the first shoot and set a date for a viewing where you select the images you want to use for your year-long product

4. We have your viewing session and pencil in a date for your second shoot

5. You receive the first instalment of your year-long product

6. We repeat steps 3 and 5 for your remaining shoots

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