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The reason


I have been a photographer for almost 6 years now, there were seasons of growth, seasons of long plateaus, seasons of failure and seasons of extreme success. I can relate to almost all of it, because of my unrelenting spirit to give up during those hard times. And now I see why the Lord lead me here - to help others. My journey is not to be made alone. What has helped me and what I am continuing to learn now, I am sure will help you. 

How do you achieve connection?

This is where I want to start..I want to find out how you are connecting, not just with your client but with yourself. You can only GIVE what you have.

 Are you finding time to journal? Are you creating for the sake of creating? Are you trying something new at least once a month? .. this is VITAL. 

Speaking goodness and quality suggestions into you is where I will go. You are created for a purpose! You are created to make your own place in this world!

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Sit Down Only

We can sit down together locally or visit via online! I am available for both. This time will be 2 hours long! 

Based out of Lawton, Oklahoma - Mentorships are available during my travel sessions as well.


Sit Down + Shoot

Following our in-depth sit down, we will go to a real life shoot - if you are a family photographer, then it will be of  a family. There is no way of preparing children, so interacting and creating the mood and connection will be authentic. 

Couples and individual styled shoots are available as well! We will plan it out!


What do I share?

Editing questions? What do I shoot with? How do I style my clients or workshops? How do I price? I will share it all - please, prepare a list of questions.. but, my methods should only open your own avenues. 

Share with me what you are fearful of, how can we conquer this together. 

I promise it will be a non-intimidating atmosphere and you will automatically be my friend..whether you like it or not =) 

Taken at Prior Mentorships

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Leap and the net will appear.

My favorite inspirational video I have ever watched is by Steve Harvey, "Jump." I attached it below - it will be the most beneficial video for you to watch! I promise!

If your heart is ready to reserve a Mentorship - please follow link below! 

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Glad you watched now, right? Or is this your 100th time watching?

Hailey Faria 

Oklahoma & Travels

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