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I️ am thrilled to help create photos that you will look back on for years to come. Because these are photos you will look back on for many years, it’s natural to want them to be wall frame worthy. 

Now that you’ve selected your photographer (that’s me!), it’s time to narrow down outfit selections to ensure everyone in the family looks their best. I know determining what to wear is just as difficult as finding the perfect photographer, it can be a downright daunting task. You want the whole family to not only look great, but to also have some coordination to bring the family photos together. As overwhelmed as you may feel, it doesn’t have to be stressful and that’s why I put this guide together. 

Regardless of the location or theme of your family photos, I hope this brochure helps to ease any overwhelm and give you some guidance to find the best outfits for your upcoming family photos.

Tip 1

Plan ahead.

Waiting until the last minute, especially with family photos, is a risk we don’t recommend making. Do yourself, and your family, a favor and plan out everyone’s outfit ahead of time. This will give you a chance to make sure everything fits everyone (essential with growing kids!) and is comfortable. Keep in mind you may be posing in different positions so the outfits should be comfortable sitting, squatting, etc. Don’t forget to prep the clothes before the day of so they’re wrinkle and stain free.

Tip 2

Consider your home decor.

It’s safe to assume you’re going to want to display your family photos in your home. That’s why you should consider the color scheme of your home, when selecting everyone’s outfits. For example, if your home is primarily decorated in neutrals you likely won’t want to dress everyone in bright colors. Go with a color scheme that’s similar to your home décor so when the photos are displayed it flows with your home.

Tip 3

Stick with solids

While patterns and prints can be fun, they can also be overwhelming if your entire family is dressed in them. Focus on solid colors for the majority of the outfits. Solid colors tend to photograph beautifully and don’t take away from your beautiful family. To add some personality and dimension to everyone’s outfits, mix different textures together instead of the use of a lot of patterns. If you want to add a pop of pattern, just be sure it’s done in moderation and not included in every family member’s outfit. Be sure to use the other outfits to complement the patterns, with solid colors.

Tip 4

Start with one outfit first

Trying to style every family member’s outfit at the same time will lead to major overwhelm. Instead, start with one outfit and then another and another. Styling looks one at a time makes it easier to visualize how the looks will complement one another.

Tip 5

Coordinate, don't match

Gone are the days of the entire family wearing the same exact outfit. Selecting outfits that coordinate, rather than matchy-matchy gives your family a complementing aesthetic that’s much more modern. It also allows each family member to be an individual and stand out.

Tip 6

Don't forget shoes and accessories

Two areas that are often overlooked? Shoes and accessories! Remember to style complete head to toe outfits for every family member. Shoes are crucial for everyone, and anyone who needs an accessory or two to tie the outfits together.

Outfit Selection 2


Dad: White linen shirt is the perfect mix between casual and dressy.  Paired with beige tailored chino shorts and blue/grey boat shoes you will achieve a casual navy beach look.

Mom: A crochet tan top will look perfect paired with a maxi linen skirt in white and light blue stripes.  Accessorize with a beige belt and gladiators to complete the look of flowy, boho beach mom.

Outfit Selection 2


Lil Sis: A chambray, striped dress with buttoned details will feel comfortable and look adorable at the same time.  Simply add a pair of white sandals and run carefree in the sand!

Lil Bro: To keep in style with his sister, let your little man wear a chambray short sleeved shirt along with white shorts.  Pair with comfortable canvas sneakers in tan.

Outfit Selection 3


Dad: Pair a white cardigan with dark wash denim jeans for an easy, fall look.  Keep it simple with casual boots for the finishing touch.

Mom: Style a lace-like blouse with an olive green cardigan and leggings for the perfect fall outfit. Black high heel booties add style and height.

Outfit #3


Lil Sis: Dress your little girl in an adorable olive green blouse and white, subtly patterned leggings for a cohesive outfit.  Black booties bring a fashionable fall aesthetic.  

Lil Bro: Add texture to a neutral, casual outfit for your little guy with a denim jacket and olive green cargo pants.  Grey sneakers complete the cool guy style.  

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And those are my best tips!

I️ look forward to working with you!

When it comes to family portraits, of the mostcommon questions we get is, “What should we wear?”It’s a tricky decision!Since these photos will last a lifetime, you want tomake sure your entire family looks as good as possible.But at the same time, you also want themto look like themselves — not wearing stuffy clothesthat make them feel uncomfortable. I alwaysrecommend wearing clothing that makes you feeland look your best, which can be different for every person. I️ hope this guide gave you a few tipson wardrobe suggestions that photograph beautifully.

I'll see you soon!

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