I want you to have the best Experience and be completely prepared for your Senior Experience

Preparing for your Senior Session


Your Senior session is a great opportunity to be unique and portray your personality in an environment you are comfortable in, with clothes you love to wear. In order to prepare to get the most out of your session there are a few things to consider.                                

What types of clothes do you like to wear? Are you a jeans and t-shirt guy or gal? What about sun dresses or skirts (for the gals) or khaki shorts and polos? Do you love the latest trends? What about gothic or grunge? Whatever your style is, we will find a location that suits you! I do have some cool ideas on my Pinterest Boards if you want to check it out.  Also NEW in the 2022-23 school year, Hazel Eyes Photography will have a style closet where you can pick an outfit to wear for any of your sessions. 

The most important thing is to be YOU!

What types of locations are you interested in? Maybe you like the parks with water, trees and bridges. Maybe you love the city, more of an urban feel. Graffiti? You could just love your backyard. No matter where we take your images, we want to match it with your personality and wardrobe. If you're unsure just let me know and I can offer suggestions.

By choosing Hazel Eyes Photography, you are getting special attention and focus on what is important to you, the Senior! I will take my time and plan the perfect experience for you, I am patient and willing to listen to your ideas to make your session extra special. It will also be relaxing and fun. 

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

What you should bring to your session and                                                                                                                   items that Hazel Eyes will provide...


All Seniors should have a parent or other adult present for the session. It's always good to have someone who can help out with carrying items or changing outfits. Also, feel free to bring a friend or two as well!


I will provide a changing tent for wardrobe changes;            I will also bring a wagon or cart to carry extra outfits (depending on location). 

I will also provide cold water (hot cocoa if it's winter)  along with some common items such as lotion, bobby pins or other items neccessary.

More suggestions for your Session Day

The day before your scheduled Session, get plenty of rest and make sure you eat something the day of the session. You want to make sure you feel great and are not too tired or hungry.

You should bring along with you all your outfit changes, don't forget shoes, accessories and jewelry. I will have a changing tent in case there is no place to change clothes. You may also want to bring a brush or comb, some powder to freshen up if needed, a towel and a bottle of water in case it's warm out.

Another good idea is to bring a light jacket and comfortable shoes just in-case it's a little chilly and/or muddy/rocky.

If you have any questions at all or need anything, please do not hesitate to call me anytime (440) 476-8227.

If you did not complete the questionnaire, please click the link below.

Senior Questionnaire

About Kelly Milluzzi

I am a portrait photographer, specializing in seniors & the things they are passionate about. I serve Northeast Ohio and the Lorain County area. Outside of photography, I love listening to music, reading and hanging with my husband and two boys.

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