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The Details

First FIVE dates now available for booking

Isn't it great to be alive! 

We want to celebrate the joy of life.

Over the last few months I have heard stories of many people who "wish I had a decent recent photo of dad" .

2020 is being a very difficult year. 

I want to offer you and yours the chance to have a professional lifestyle portrait session in one of County Durham's stunning public places.

Shoots are 

  • outdoors in a public space e.g. park
  • last for 25 mins
  • for between 1 and 6 people
  • Dogs very welcome
  • Booking deposit of £25
  • your images will be linked to our unique on-line sales system (so no pushy sales person!) product package prices from £25 to £199

Friday 17th July  - Wharton Park

Sunday 19th July - Low Burnhall

Friday 24th July - Wharton Park

Saturday 25th July - Holliday Park

Sunday 26th July - Low Burnhall


Our Unique On-Line Sales System

  1. The Booking Fee - £25 this simply reserves your session on the day
  2. The Session - turn up in good time and wait at the meeting place I will usually be finishing up with the previous booking
  3. The Slideshow - after the session I will edit your images and publish a slideshow of all your images. You will be invited to purchase one of the packages below. 
  4. The slideshow is ONLY AVAILABLE for 24 hours with a 50% discount offer. After the initial 24 hours your special offer will close down and you will need to pay the full price for products and prints. So you need to decide which package you want to purchase and lock in your savings. 
  5. There are 3 packages and their offer prices will be between £25 and £199
  6. After your purchase you will have access to your full gallery and you will be able to make selections towards your package products and prints
  7. For a period of 30 days after your purchase your gallery will be available for you to enjoy, share and make further purchases 
  8. After 30 days your gallery will expire. But you will still have all images you have purchased.


Package One 

Gives you access to the full gallery of images from your shoot

You DOWNLOAD all the images in a format suitable for Social Media (Facebook)

You can also share your full length slideshow.

Usual price £50 BUT if purchased during your 24 hour offer period will cost you just £25

Package Two

Gives you all of package one plus the following

A full 8" square TRIPLEX print stand with your three chosen images proudly displayed.

Usual price £125 BUT if purchased during your 24 hour offer period will cost you just £95

Package Three

Gives you all of package one plus the following

12 10cm square prints of your choice 

Either a magnetic or peg frame to display 6 of your images. This allows you to change the images on display - and also deploy future images!

Usual price £299 BUT if purchased during your 24 hour offer period will cost you just £199

Custom Mobile App

For a very limited time we will be giving a FREE mobile phone app to EVERYONE who purchases any of the three packages.

In order to claim this FREE UPGRADE you need to let me know and register your interest in taking part in a mini session BEFORE we come out of lockdown.

All I need from you at this stage is for you to complete this special "Expression of Interest" form

Included in all packages

I'm Tim

I've been running my own business for over 20 years and in that time I run many mini portrait sessions. They are always great fun. I love getting people to interact with each other so please don't expect too much "team line up" and "say cheese" style pictures. Let's just have some fun, I want to see you play together, enjoying life. Trust me I've done this before the images bursting with energy are the ones you will treasure.

So please do let me know you are interested in taking part then I can send you some more info


Let me know you are interested in being sent further info



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“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

About Tim Elwood

I am a portrait photographer, and I am really missing 

meeting people at this difficult time.

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